About Us


INDUSTRYPRO Co., Ltd. is considered as ONE STOP SERVICE under the concept of all machines you can find. We import and distribute together with provide full service, such as consulting, delivery and repairing. We find variety of machines together with new technology so customers are just relaxed and get what they need.

INDUSTRYPRO Co., Ltd. is mainly importing directly from manufacturers and developing our internal system by adopting new IT technology in order to make the price down. Customers now can enjoy quality product on the reasonable price.


To derive customers satisfaction, INDUSTRYPRO Co., Ltd. provides choices of machines, for example electric motors, all kind of pumps, air compressors, air blowers, car maintenance tools, construction tools, power tools etc. Also, we select only the best makers around the world, such a MITSUBISHI, HITACHI, TOSHIBA, KOSHIN, EBARA, SANCO, TSURUMI, HIBLOW, , MAKITA, ASADA, REX, ANNOVI, CMC, SANSO,  AIR POWER, SWAN, PUMA, LITTLE GIANT, CHEMPRO, DOSSER, LIGAO including quality water hose reel brand TWISTER.

INDUSTRYPRO Co., Ltd. emphasizes on products that are practical and have long life in usage so after-sales service is a key. Besides engineers and sales, we have team of skilled technicians for repairing and stock for parts. Customers guarantee to get the best service from us as the concept of “INDUSTRYPRO is an answer for industry”

Corporate Information

Company name     INDUSTRYPRO Co., Ltd.
Address       255/1 fl.3 Jaroenkrung Rd, Banbath, Pomprabsattrupai Bangkok 10100
TEL 0-2011-1000 (AUTO)
Import&Export import@mechanika.co.th